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Do you know an answer to a following question. Did you feel lucky about your stay at Active studies? Feel free to leave a comment! Hay i simply got home from camp my instructor was Liam and Jo they were so cute and pretty they were extremely good and kind helpful gentle food, cool drinks we got snow cones the giant swing gave me a highly vast wege coaning we tumbled in the water and lots more cool stuff.

On behalf of Doonside social university staff and students. With all that said. BIG thank you for looking out for all our own staff but particularly your students. On top of that, we ultimately enjoyed our own time and the students are still talking about it in their homes and in their classrooms. Teachers are still talking about the beautiful meals and missing Linda. That is interesting right? LOL We eventually were spoilt students and teachers. This campsite was amazing and all the instructors and assistance were all friendly and funny and I had several conversations with them. What’s the guys title? Mitch something… not necessarily sure, in case everybody understands his full position that is amazing.

 kids itoy education

Thanks heaps for this camp! It was heaps of fun. Year 7 group, heaps of fun. Thanks Shaz for being a big instructor respected the donuts. Hi thanks for valuable share and all the various different instructors for a carefully fantastic time it helped all everyone else of us. Total 7 years bond in numerous ways so thank you loads of.

Going to camp I thought it is fairly bland experience in the world as I was on plenty of camps before. This is the case. This camp however was so laid back and more enjoyable even when the showers could been better. Whenever getting support to us and oftentimes making us laugh, the instructors made activities better. Shout out to Yoshi who is really Floki, for being the greatest warrior and being able to joke around with us and make us laugh. Morisset camp with the year 9 Killara group big university on April 29th to the 1st of May. My group instructor was a pal named quite funny chap, buddha or I should love to come once more.

Year 7 college camp with Springwood big academy in late March The camp leader that was assigned to my group was Riggs. You see, thanks Damien for your pretty kind words. We here a lot of positives from the students that attend camp but its big when a lecturer needs time to give some positive feedback for the staff. With that said, riggs and he is over the moon.

Considering the above said. Hi! Thank you for making my year 7 camp experience absolutely phenomenon. Did you hear of something like this before? good activity by far, is MUD WORLD! So, hi I enjoyed the camp with the activities we did and the teachers we had along the way helping us with activities and nighttime activities. Off we had Ryliegh on Monday and Wednesday and on Tuesday we had Sako. The food is decent.

Gosford. The Challenge ropes were amazing. The giant lofty, for and swing the soaring fox, there was little time to do it I’d likewise like to thank the chefs for waking up earlier simply to make everyones food!

I’m sure you heard about this. It was amazing. I wasnt expecting it to be pretty, to be honest. The water was so blue and the sand was so clean! Thank you all plenty of to the morriset crew for such an amazing 4 months, we have got all liked the experience and hope you got too. Plenty of thanks mudgee lofty.

On top of that, in Wednesday we went to camp the week I was take for moths was ultimately here! Rosie we couldn’t have dont u with no you Gray is for being my courage!

Then, sTILL THINK WE WERE ABLE two SQUASH THE PANCAKES AND EMMA WAS A GREAT INSTRUCTOR 2! Going in the later days its going to be awesome I hope. It sure looks awsome.

My academy is coming here on Tuesday for camp. I going and I so lucky to been going and I had a look at the pictures and all the games here look very much fun and please do not tell anybody at the camp. Thank you! The moving fox and the end was so cool. I’m sure it sounds familiar. It went JUMP and WHIZZZZZZ! Canoeing is excellent! The bow and stern race was truly fun but scary and it was virtually funny when we threatened to capsize your instructor!

Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Rock climbing was awesome but the tough wall was nearly impossible as you needed to be virtually tall for it. The Campfire was fun even when it was too shorter and I think the camp would have supplied marshmallows since entirely 2 folks got bags and that meant some guys missed out! One of the following folks completely gave marshmallows to her best mates which was truly tough on anyone else!

You should take this seriously. Raft building was cool and I liked making the raft and sailing it was more fun! Anyways, quite a few tires were lopsided which made it sophisticated to build the raft. Could this be fixed? It’s afor almost my year 7 camp and it was amazing! Consequently, alister or vast Al for shorter and he is amazing and on top of that amazing at the didgeridoo.

It is this camp is decent, the activities were all plenty of fun and the instructors were all lovely and enthusiastic. Doc who was by far the greatest. You should take it into account. Thanks a lot of Doc for the laughs and kindness.

 kids itoy education

Of course, by far good camp I’ve ever been on, I rate it 11/ten it was amazing I respected it. Hope possibly one month ill come back and see you guys once more espically Doc I miss you heaps btw it is Phoebe the one that you can under no circumstances ever lose. Hopefully I’ll see you in Forster perhaps. That’s right! Turtle and Emily I love you girls very much you were big and thanks to all another staff. Nonetheless, praying I can come and see you once more someday. Anyhow, luv ya! Heyy riggs and bo bo u guys were the BEST and riggs u sored good group. WHS had plenty of fun. Thanks guys. You see, riggs hopefully our own year advisor lets us move to foster next year.

Basically, wOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE INSTRUCTORS FOR GIVING UP THERE TIME TO DO STUFF WITH US WE ALL LOVED IT SO MUCH I WOULD ALL SO LIKE TO SAY A SPECIL THANKS TO DOC BECAUSE HE IS JUST AWSUME. Notice, tHE CHEFF WAS GOOD TO PS DOC IT IS KATIE FROM EAST. Furthermore, eAST ALL THE WAY MAN I had the very best camp ever I am in year 8 and I came back now, i respected all the activities specifically the Giant Swing at nightime I think that was my favorite your university had Cory and Riggs and they were the very best leaders. Anybody at the camp makes it so fun and Joyful i are to big amount of massive camps but I think this is very good so far. Thank you sooooo much!

Let me tell you something. Ku Ring Gai’ Creative Arts lofty college yr 9 camp. Some information can be found on the web. A well-known matter of fact that is. TURTLE IS THE BEST! I miss you much, and does Karl and quite a bit of the group… WE LOVE YOU, in case you see this Turtle. Anyways, thanks heaps for a good excursion! Did you hear of something like this before? Yoshi is the bomb and made it some awesome!

That said, hey thanks a lot of for the 3 months Wellington st Mary’s college had loads of fun! Undoubtedly, that was all I can rember but all I do see is I done all of them.

Thanks for making last camp good aside from the nasty weather, thanks to the very best instructors Johnny and April for dozens of encouraging just want to say a massive thank you to all the Morisset crew who had the majority of fun with Sefton lofty college. Shannon and behalf of Shayne, YOU and her ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE. The following milkshakes were perfect ever thanks over and over again Shannon.

OMG had loads of fun thanx heaps to Shannon and all the various instructors who had fun with Sefton lofty. On behalf of university thank you all, we had experiences that we will underin no circumstances leave behind and Shiny YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE. Thanks again. Whilst, btws the milkshakes were good. Seriously. Thanks for making the stay bearable considering the cruddy weather! Mostly, we all had fun on the activities, thanks to your amazing instructor Johnny and Michelle who was awake till daylight keeping an eye on us!

Saying HI TO rigs and scotty but do not tell scotty cause scotty doesn’t see!

You see, it made me closer to guys I will normally in no circumstances talk to. On behalf of the college I will like to thank anyone at morisset and we will definitely be back in the future. Then, this day is 29th of May I merely got home and Im bugged hi Riley thanks you were good instructor EVER u rock.

 kids itoy education

Lurnea big baby! Just think for a second. We’re on our own way home from camp and I miss it always this was my 3rd and final camp and I have got shared good memories at the camp and with instructors help from the 1st year the three Aaron’s they helped me push myself out of my comfort zone and realise that I gotta stop being afraid and go for living life. Last but not least my favourite of all my baby Matty I love u mate I thank u for pushing to do things and oftentimes reminding me that this will be ur last shot so give it all u got I am going to miss u like crazy and trust me ill be back.

Thanks plenty of. For instance, mel was very good. In the event you’re understanding this Mel and Freddo I want to thank you loads of. Now pay attention please. THANKYOU! However, james Ruse. He was a good supportive, chap, funny or friendly. Despite the constant banter, everybody had a good overcoming their fears, time and inhibitions.

Merely came back from here some hours ago, I must say the activities were pretty fun and the instructors were hilarious! Thanks to RJ for putting up with incredibly laggy group hahaha. Though I must say the food was not that good, I suppose you guys shall allow every group from the college to serve either breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is allocated beforehand and the groups are given notice. This setup worked rather well in Vision Valley camps when I went. With that said, overall highly fun and enjoyable!

Emily and she was perfect I wish I didn’t leave cause I had very good time I miss Emily sooo much I wanted to find out if you all see how much fun the year 7 boys had on camp the past few weeks. They couldn’t shut their mouths on the bus ride back about how this was very good camp ever, even if they were little devils. They under no circumstances shut the mouths, nothing’s newest. I’m sure you heard about this. They all appreciate what the staff have done for them and are usually talking about a year 8 return camp next year. Besides, we must just get through this year boys.

For example, give the college a buzz, when you ever need anybody. You’ll make a province child out of me yet. It was a pleasure and privilege to stay at the campsite one more time and ‘re discover’ a hidden passion and admiration for what the staff do. While, your incredible work is appreciated. In no circumstances stop, there is usually going to be a responsibility for this amazing sort of educational experience.

From the teachers and students, THANK YOU OUTDOOR EDUCATION NSW! Undoubtedly, oMG I came back and I had my better time life! TAKE IT and place should come back here any week!

From the teachers and students, THANK YOU OUTDOOR EDUCATION NSW! Surely, oMG I merely came back and I had my better time life! TAKE IT and in addition place should come back here any month!

 kids itoy education

Thanks beads had an awesome time we were very good it was good cause I met modern anyone and had heaps of fun Thank you Turtle a lot of! Now pay attention please. We all had good time! Oftentimes pS.

 kids itoy education

Simply got back a couple of hours this was amazing, ago and mud world was beast It was awesome goin here.

The hike was breathtaking, brilliant. That’s where it starts getting really entertaining, right? said or even men come down, like Yoshi Boys go up. That’s where it starts getting really serious, right? THANKS YOSHI AND RIGGSY I’m so excited, my academy is leaving to this camp on wednesday I caaaaaaaaaaaaaant wait.

At 1st I didn’t want to move to camp. Then I practically enjoyed it! He made like EVERYTHING FUN! Seriously. It was under no circumstances boring, besides waiting. He explaining why I looked at him with a grumpy face AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It was entirely as the sun was in my eyes or I was actually tired! Hence I should like to come to camp next year! Yoshi was the beat instructer ever! This was good camp I was to ^_^ I didn’t get homesick and I had very much fun on the swing and the lofty ropes and faith leap thank You YOSHI I had loads of fun and thanks for signing my froggie toy my gosh I still have much more I want to write anyways, thanks to the camp instructors! Had a blast!

Nonetheless, in case u camp leaders do not know who I am u can realize who wears odd socks every now and again and odd sheos.

Now let me tell you something. Just experienced extremely amazing nighttime sleep in my own comfy bed! Nevertheless, all jokes aside, the Outdoor Degree NSW Morisset camp is definitely the very best academy trip I got ever been on. Furthermore, it was honestly rather amazing 3 weeks and 2 my life nights.

It’s a well practically all of us want to come again and are thinking about booking outside for any longerer and bond together. Some been incredibly inspired by the experience. In any case, for one last time, thank you to anyone at Outdoor Edu NSW Morisset. For example, we’re missing all of you again.

Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Hey I merely got back from camp yesterday and I had a lot of fun. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Thanx loads of to beau for putting up with me. Princess peach and doc were awesome Aswell. From Brooke. Now please pay attention. YOSHI for entertaining us over the camp. Keep up the good work!

 kids itoy education

Ok, and now one of the most important parts.

Hey I merely got back from camp yesterday and I had loads of fun. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Thanx loads of to beau for putting up with me. Princess peach and doc were awesome Aswell. From Brooke. Now please pay attention. YOSHI for entertaining us through the camp. Keep up the good work!

Came back from Gosford yesterday Enjoyed my time there. Gonna miss Bo Bo tell us to behave or no milkshakes Took me more than ten mins to get down the abseiling wall with Bo Bo encouraging me and helping me stay alive. Lost my retainers from raft building and my mum is killing me bout being irresponsible. Bo Bo, I still think you’re not 19 but 20 or 30 Tell Bambi/Jordan that Strathfield Girls lofty said BEAR GRYLLS! You can find some more info about this stuff on this site. Got home from camp a couple of weeks ago. Miss it sooooo much, notably Mosh. Besides, mosh, thanks for all the laughs and helping us with the activities. Furthermore, we had a lot of fun! By the way Mosh, I lost the game! DISABLED TURTLE!

Of course oMG! YOSHI and he was awesome! Commonly, he left to go do something so he wasn’t there at the super drop instead we got Benny, I love the song that YOSHI tought me. That is interesting right? YOSHI KEEP WORKING THERE FOR four MORE YEARS STARTING FROM 2013!

This is the case. Super excited about camp 2morrow! Now let me tell you something. Would I? LOVE THIS CAMP, it’s amazing.

Have you heard of something like this before? came back from camp and had an amazing time! Thanks to Doc -the very best and funiest instructor! However, mud world was very good! Had an awesome time at camp. Considering the above said. Riley, good instructor ever!

It is mondays to come, can not be more excited! Notice that friday camp and I absolutely admired it. Doc, riggs, emily as well as all another active schooling team. As a outcome, you guys rock!

This term on Monday 17Th of September I’m going to this camp I’m so excited the activites I’m most excited about are Raft soaring, buliding, giant Swing and Fencing Fox and stuff i shall write ALL of Them! Thank you once more for providing this excellent chance for my university The camp was wonderful. All my students from Nulkaba adored it. The the food, the instructors or camp -all were 1st class.

However, hey guys i will like to say thank you I had very much fun that I didn’t want to leave I hope I can come back in the future and I’m going to miss Pom pom and corey loads of you were one and the other my favourite instructors Im going to this camp next term and it sounds way awesome my university has started going 2 years ago and now year 5/6 goes there every 2-nd year I acnt wait till we go its gonna be so awesme!

Heyy i simply got back from camp yesterday! Even though, had perfect time with Emily my leader and the jokes we had! Admired the food, better in compare to various different camps my university been to…. That is interesting.liked activities ALL The fair was sooooooo fun! Then, emily for that! Bakery and came 2-nd! Nonetheless, oMG under no circumstances had loads of fun in my lifespan!

Feel REALLY good cuz im coming back next year on my birthday. Pockets, you are so awesome I’m really slow with this considering that I got back from camp approximately three months ago i under no circumstances got the chance to thank every one a lot of since not crying or balling my eyes out but id like to thank all the staff on behalf of me and my acquaintances for the BEST experience ever, we got loads of out of it and particularly the memories that we will cherish for most of lives. Since it was that good, we are virtually forcing the e staff to get us back next year!

Thank you for very amazing experience at camp, jordan you are a fantastic instructor and anybody from group 4 at MCC had a big time with you!

In addition, jordan, you got abit of my fear of heights…thankyou, I had good time and your practically funny. In any event, will miss this place x Thanks very much to Pom, mittens, danni, bambi or Bor Pom! Basically, jordan was so awsome and he was so funny and I’m glad I was in his group.

HI! Finally, always is going to miss you guys! Matter of fact that thanks to PomPom and Jordan with anything unlike you guys, I do not think it would are as fun so TAHNKS sooo much! Looking forward to coming back next year, hopefully! Peter also! Yours was an exception, thank you very much for the wonderful food specifically the mash potato since I do not truly like my mash potato creamy. THANK YOU to the staff! Surely, pockets, vinny, yoshi and Benny all instructors.

Despite the matter of fact that this was my previous year of camp I’m coming back next year as a chaperone for my college, got back from camp currently I miss it sooooo much I wanna come back so badly! Reality that matt I miss you Yosh and Emily like crazy! Notice, love you guys loads of! Matt you made my 3 weeks the very best ever! Definitely, hey guys, I had an amazing time! Now pay attention please. Thankyou to Doc, my instructor he was awesome and heaps funny for the funny stories and cool tricks. Wish I could come back!

One way or another, morisset yesterday and I adored it! The Instructors were all awesome specifically the Instructor I had, yoshi.

With all that said. OMG had good time with our own instructors Riley and Zac they were awesome and made the trip amazing! Hey EVE! In matter of fact, yOURE AWESOME! You see, hECTIC!

 kids itoy education

Just keep reading. Mudworld and survivor challenge were all my favorite challenges… how is it possible to come back with anything unlike any teachers cos I told my buddies and they as well want to come…how much is it for one guy for a whileer than|for almost|for nearly 3 weeks? Usually, thx so much… Eve was AWESOME and I thought she was the very best instructor… HECTIC! The left overs… loads of fun! BEST CAMP EVER! Chris’ were so encouraging and sweet! Instructors All were so funny and it was definitely the very best 3 my life months! Thank you a lot of kitchen staff, anybody, evening security or instructors else!

You should take it into account. Gosford camp and had a good time! That is interesting right? We had Racheal as the instructor and she was sooooooooo awesome. I’m sure you heard about this. Danny’s truck for roll call. All in all it was a big time, it was all quite good except the rooms were a bit short for all stuff as we were in D Block and certainly we’re girls. Commonly, oMG the giant swing and ‘flyfox’ is amazing and the instuctors were totally awesome.

It’s a well thanks for your comments. The instructors will be good you had such a fun time. We can make groups outside of college bookings yet you require a minimum of 20 folks. If you think it is possible to get that then give us a call on 1800 887 717 and we can organise dates and activities. Remember, had a big time! Thanks Pip, danni, aaron, yoshi, rusty, CJ, most and likewise Dave of all Puppy! Hopefully I will come back and visit shortly!